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Sigma HRIS: Payroll & HR Software Indonesia
Employee Self Service

Web Based Employee Self Service. Sigma HRIS Employe Self Services maintain paperless transaction using approval workflow.

Payroll Software Indonesia Feature

Manage your own HR Portal

Employee Self Service provide you with Manageable content so you can maintain your own HR Portal with ease

Personal Data Management

Technology meant to help you. With Personal Data Management, employee can get information and request changes on their own(with approval). HR Team can escape from their routines and focus more on people.

Software Payroll Data Management
Software Payroll Indonesia Attendance Management

Attendance Management

You can view and request attendance directly from Employee Self Service. This feature will give you insight of your attendance in given period.


Know your employee

We providing you with your staff data, so you can get to know more about your employee. When comes to person, it will be best to know more before making decisions.

Attendance Transaction Request

Most heavy work in HR are maintaining Attendance. To reduce the workload, we distribute the data entry, so each employee can request their own transaction directly in Employee Self Service.

Software Payroll Indonesia Attendance Transaction
Software Payroll Indonesia Workflow

Approval Workflow

Manage your own team. With Approval Workflow, you don't need to request signature in paper or approval by email anymore. Everything will be recorded when you give approval in Employee Self Service. Enjoy an easy & smart work.