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Sigma HRIS

Help to manage HR, Attendance, Payroll & Tax PPh21 easily

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Improve Your Skill
Automate Repetitive Task

With Sigma HRIS, you can have more time to improve your skill rather than doing same works every month

Fast Processing

No more waiting. Sigma HRIS can process your payroll data with amazing speed, average process speed for 500 employees are approximately 3 minutes with encrypted database

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Encrypted Database

Your security are our priority. Your database will encrypted by default in our application. This feature will give you confidentiality to input salary data to the system.
This also means, you can place Sigma HRIS Database in any database server you have.


Analyze Your Data

Align your company strategy and management policy with our Dashboard Data. Precise management policy can make your business more successful than ever.

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Pivot Table

Now everything is easier. We provide you with detail calculation in our pivot table to help you breakdown the calculation result.

Organization Chart

Map and view your organization structure.
We provide Organization Chart automatic generation to give you defined and printable structural view of your company.

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Easy Integration

Sigma HRIS providing integration to e-SPT PPh 21, BPJS Ketenagakerjaan & BPJS Kesehatan.